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Terms of use

Our website: access and use

Terms of use

This website is operated by clav1s agency.

Our website is a portal with adult content for users and with the aim of bringing users into contact with one another. We do not organize any meetings ourselves and cannot give any guarantees for expectations or the behavior of our users. We recommend that you always take appropriate precautions when meeting other users offline.

Our website and services are aimed at adults only. This means that you must have reached the legal minimum age in your respective country to be able to use our website. In the United Kingdom, the minimum age for this has been set at 18 years.

These terms of use apply both to us, Peecado and to the user. You are a “user” within the meaning of this user agreement as soon as you visit our website and make use of our services, if applicable. If you use our fee-based services for purposes that fall outside of business or professional activities, you are a “user / consumer”.

Every user who informs himself or uses the website declares exclusively and completely that he has read the terms of use and accepts their unrestricted validity. The user is asked to read our privacy policy and all other rights and obligations clearly stated on the website.

Peecado encourages all users to carefully study these Terms of Use before use and after any reported change.

Everyone who uses our website on behalf of a company or other legal entity is also individually bound by this contract as a user. This applies regardless of additional contractual provisions between Link Media and the company or corporation concerned.

We reserve all rights unless expressly waived.


In order to be able to use our advertising space, it is necessary to create and register a user profile. Such registration is done by completing the registration form online. It is not permitted to register and use more than one user profile, not even under different names. Duplicate user profiles will be deleted without exception.

When registering, we ask you to submit a correct, truthful, current and complete picture. At the beginning of the registration, the user has to make the selection relevant to him in his capacity and with regard to the desired advertising use.

It is strictly forbidden to violate the rights of third parties when registering.

The user profile is personal; the user is solely responsible for all activities that are undertaken with the user profile. As a result, a user profile cannot be transferred to third parties. In order to ensure this, the user himself guarantees the confidential nature of his user profile. Any breach of confidentiality must be reported to Peecado so that the necessary countermeasures can be taken.


Peecado does not actively control the registration of profiles, but reserves the right to take appropriate measures if necessary. Such a case occurs if the registered user violates the provisions of the General Terms of Use, additional conditions, applicable legal provisions, the rights of third parties or generally recognized rules of conduct on the Internet. You can report violations via

Peecado reserves a wide margin of discretion for penalties and remedial measures as well as for the scope of such measures. This includes a temporary or permanent block as well as the deletion of the user profile. The measures can be taken without prior warning or notification.

Information on the website

The content, information and advertising offered on our website can be imperfect in many ways. We offer this content without any guarantee of suitability, reliability, accuracy and timeliness of the information. This applies to our own content as well as to the content of users and third parties, including advertisements. It follows from this that Peecado is not liable for (indirect or direct) damage that the user incurs as a result of the information on the website.


In any case, it is forbidden to publish the following content on the website:

Any type of content that can be considered inappropriate or illegal. Although the boundaries of our website are a little more flexible than normal, illegal, unlawful, harmful, misleading, threatening, abusive, overly obscene, child pornographic, indecent, racist content or content that is generally contrary to public order and morality will be deemed inappropriate considered. Such content does not necessarily have to violate applicable laws or the rights of third parties in order to be considered inappropriate.

  • Content that violates the rights of intellectual property and the rights to the own image of other users or third parties.
  • Content that is the result of criminal offenses, refers to such offenses or encourages the commission of criminal offenses.
  • Disseminating content that may harm other users of the website. This includes a ban on the distribution of harmful software such as computer viruses, malware, worms, Trojans and cancelbots.

The following specific regulations apply in addition to the general terms of use for the placement of all advertisements;

  • Advertisements must always be published in the relevant and appropriate section, in the category that comes closest to the topic of the advertisement. The selection made by the user depends on the registration settings.
  • Advertisements must always be written in the same language as the website, in the case of this website in English.
  • Advertisements must not be misleading in any way.


While we take all necessary countermeasures, the chances are high that information and advertisements are inaccurate or even deceptive. As a user, please be critical at all times!

We do everything possible to offer you a high quality website, but this requires the help of our users. We take various measures as soon as we receive well-founded reports of inappropriate or illegal content. Therefore, please inform us if you do not agree to the content, information or advertisements on our website. Get in touch at


The deletion of a user profile can also mean the (future) deletion of all advertisements and all content.


General: advertisements

Registered users can publish advertisements. Such advertisements are in principle free, but the advertiser can increase his visibility by promoting advertisements.

The terms and characteristics of our services correspond to the information on the website and the user’s order. Link Media is entitled at any time to adjust the conditions and characteristics of its services depending on market demand or changing legal regulations. Advertisements are characterized by their short period of use and are published for a maximum of three months.

Advertisements that do not comply with our terms of use can be deleted at any time without prior warning or information. The deletion of a user profile can mean the deletion of the advertisements placed. Finally, the advertiser can also request the removal of one or more of his advertisements. In none of the named cases can the advertiser demand reimbursement of amounts paid.

Shipping and payment

As soon as we have received your order, you will receive an order confirmation by email. Peecado will provide the requested services upon receipt of payment. Please note that the selection of certain means of payment affects the immediate implementation of the services.

As a buyer, you are obliged to check the implementation of our services immediately for any defects on our part. Defective services must be reported by the user within seven days after the defective service was discovered. Such a complaint to Peecado must always be made in writing and with sufficient reasons. The user only has the right to supplementary performance of the defective service.

All prices are in GBP and include sales tax and other charges. Obvious and clearly incorrect prices can also be corrected after fulfillment. Any additional costs, for example due to the use of certain payment methods, are always clearly communicated to the user in advance and borne by them in full.

Online orders can be billed using common, valid and internationally accepted payment methods. The terms of use of the selected provider also apply in these cases. As a result, the following payment methods are accepted:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Stripe
  • Paypal

Peecado takes all reasonable measures to ensure the security of your online transaction. The greatest danger arises from the loss or theft of your identity data or bank details. The use of the above payment options offers the necessary security. Secure systems from Paypal and stripe guarantee the further processing of the payment. Such closed payment systems always process your bank data in encrypted form. The necessary security measures via SSL have been taken.

Right of withdrawal

As a user / consumer you have the right to refrain from making a purchase. The right of withdrawal is not relevant in this case, as it is a service, namely the publication of advertisements, which is carried out immediately.

By accepting these General Terms of Use, you as a user / consumer declare that you no longer have a right of withdrawal as soon as Peecado has fulfilled the contract. The publication of an advertisement is carried out immediately and automatically after payment has been made.

Right of Use Restrictions

The right of use is restricted by the fact that the user is not allowed to carry out any activities that have or could have a harmful influence on the correct functioning and security of the website, its other users or its use. The use of the website must be in accordance with the terms of use, the applicable legal provisions and the rights of third parties or the generally accepted rules of conduct on the Internet.

The following activities are strictly prohibited:

  • The user is prohibited from using software programs that are specialised in collecting and maintaining data. This includes programs such as men spiders, crawlers, robots and software of the same type. The programs in question are of course not limited to the examples just mentioned.
  • It is not permitted to use the website and its data for spamming, chain letters, junk mail and the like.
  • It is not allowed to stalk other users or to try to convince them of political or religious opinions.
  • It is of course forbidden to gain unauthorised access to the profiles of other users.

The previous list is not binding and is not limited to the points mentioned. Link Media has a wide range of discretion.

Peecado reserves the right to take all reasonable and appropriate measures if the user violates the provisions of the terms of use, the applicable legal provisions and the rights of third parties or generally against recognized rules of conduct on the Internet. Peecado reserves a wide margin of discretion for penalties and remedial measures as well as for the scope of such measures. The measures are always applied in relation to the rule violation.

Peecado has, among other things, the option of temporarily or permanently blocking the right of use. In addition, Peecado can partially or completely restrict the user’s general access to the functions of the website.

If circumstances require, such actions can be taken without prior warning or notification. The user is in no way entitled to demand repayment or compensation for the measures taken.

If the user comes to the conclusion that the measures taken are inappropriate and unfounded, he must inform Peecado of this within fifteen (15) calendar days of the imposition of the measures. Peecado will analyze its arguments, but without any obligation to reverse the original measures.


We take data protection very seriously. We would therefore like to inform users as thoroughly as possible about how we handle personal data. The user can assume that Peecado processes his personal data with the greatest care. Peecado guarantees that the collection and processing of personal data will be carried out in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations, in particular in accordance with the ordinance of April 27, 2016 on the protection of natural persons in the processing of personal data and on the free movement of data (GDPR).

In most cases, those who use our website will release personal data. Personal data is processed to the extent necessary for the website to function properly. Peecado has taken all legal and technical precautions to prevent unauthorized access and use of personal data. We regard the provision of incorrect or incorrect personal data as a violation of the terms of use.

For further information on the guaranteed protection of your personal data, please refer to our privacy policy .

Intellectual Property Rights

Our website and the associated trademarks, images, logos, animations, texts, etc. are protected by intellectual property law. Peecado exercises this right. Peecado grants the user a limited, revocable and non-exclusive license for visiting and personal use of the website. Subject to the above With the exception of this, the user is not permitted to reproduce the website or the entire content or parts thereof, to communicate it to the public or to distribute it in any way.

Every user who adds content to our website is responsible for the corresponding intellectual property rights. Visitors undertake not to violate the intellectual property rights of any third party in any way. By posting content on the website, the user grants Peecado an unlimited, free, transferable license for the use, reproduction, processing and transmission of this content to third parties, insofar as this is necessary for the services offered on our website. This license applies to all related types of intellectual property.

Violations of the conditions described here by the user can in no way be attributed to Peecado . Any real or legal consequences are entirely the responsibility of the user. At this point, we ask you again for your support and to report any violations of intellectual property rights so that we can take appropriate steps against them. Please contact us at  .

Dealing with links

Our website contains a large number of references to other websites or electronic communication portals over which we have no control. Therefore we are not able to guarantee for such websites or electronic communication portals. Clicking on such links and visiting external sites is therefore at the user’s own risk and responsibility. The publication of such a link does not automatically mean that we (implicitly) agree to the content of such websites.

When a link is placed on an advertisement, the linked website must have interesting information. The content must be related to the content of the advertisement itself. The profile website accounts are not considered to be stand-alone websites. 

It is possible to create links to our websites, but only if such hyperlinks refer to the homepage of the website. Other types of links such as deep linking, inline linking, framing etc. are not permitted without the prior written consent of Peecado .

If the above conditions are violated, Peecado is always entitled to remove such websites / links, without prior warning and without any right to compensation. Our discretion in assessing such links is broad.

Our legal obligations and liability

The user understands and accepts the following;

Our website and the associated services are offered on the “as is” and “as available” basis, i.e. without any implicit or explicit guarantee. Any use is at your own risk.

However, the user can rest assured that we have taken all necessary and suitable measures for the correct functioning as well as for the reliability, security, sustainability and accessibility of our website and our services. This refers to technical, non-technical as well as organizational measures. In this context, we enter into a performance obligation.

Peecado is only liable for serious or repeated minor contractual or non-contractual defects for which the company is responsible and which the company causes in fulfilling its obligations under this contract. Liability is limited to the amount of direct damage resulting from the defect and can never exceed the value of the service provided. The absolute maximum is GBP 30.

Peecado is in no way liable for any indirect damage caused by a defect for which the company is responsible. Indirect damage includes all types of consequential damage, loss of profit, financial or commercial loss, increased general costs, increased personnel costs, damage from loss of customers or opportunities, and emotional damage. This list is not binding and is not restricted to the points mentioned.

Peecado is not liable to the user or third parties for any other form of loss or damage, provided that Peecado acts in accordance with the terms of use, the data protectiondeclaration and the cookie statement . Peecado also expressly excludes any liability arising from the behavior of its users and others on the website and otherwise.

Peecado does not exclude its liability in the event of fraud or intent, provided this is attributable to Peecado . Liability for physical damage and death is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

If the user endangers Peecado ‘s liability due to a contractual or non-contractual defect, he must take all measures to protect Peecado from any possible damage that Peecado may suffer as a result.

Force majeure

Peecado is never liable in cases of force majeure. Force majeure is understood to be sudden, unforeseeable events which, regardless of the will of the parties involved, make it impossible for Peecado to fulfill its contractual obligations. In this context, Peecado is entitled to suspend its obligations towards visitors as long as the force majeure situation persists.

Specific IT disruptions can also fall into the area of ​​force majeure. In this context, think of server problems, an insufficient communication infrastructure or inadequate hardware and software on the part of customers. This list is not binding and is not restricted to the points mentioned.


Our website and services can be changed, suspended or even discontinued at any time without giving rise to any claim for compensation. If the reference to this clause causes negative effects on one of our paid services, you as the advertiser have the right to cancel the service in question and to request a refund for the services already provided. The advertiser can only invoke this right if he notifies us in writing within 14 days of the change in service.

These general conditions of use (including the conditions of sale) are exclusively governed by British law and will be interpreted accordingly. Disputes fall within the competence of the Brussels District Courts.

Should the functioning or validity of one or more of the above If provisions of these General Terms of Use are or become ineffective or unenforceable, the validity of the contract remains otherwise unaffected.

Any rejection of liability by PEECADO BV must always be interpreted in the broadest sense.

The titles used in our legal documents are always purely illustrative. No legal rights can therefore be derived from this.