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There are 9 different types of professional and healing massages and 8 Type of Erotic Massages

Duo or Four Hands Massage

This style of massage is also referred to as Four Hands Massage is basically 2 people masseurs performing full body massage to the client. Most of the time the 2 different masseurs mirror what they are doing. For example, 1 masseur massage 1 leg while the second massage another leg in similar fashion or movements.

Nuru or Body to Body Massage

Nuru means slippery in Japanese. In the Nuru or Body to Body Massage, the masseuse undresses him/herself completely with the rub massage oil both on them as well as on the client. After that, the masseuse rubs his or her body onto the client. Most of the times due to the intimacy and sensuality involved, this type of massage leads to sex, but for that, the masseuse needs to agree or feel the moment and proceed to the sexual consent moment.

Lingam or Penis Massage 

The word Lingam means “Want of Light” which in this industry means male penis. On this type of massage, the masseuse focuses mainly on massaging all the external penis sections. Therefore the client would expect the shaft, testicles, perineum and external prostate to be well as erotically massaged. The main goal here is not to ejaculate yet to enjoy the full effect of the touch and a well done genital massage.

Yoni or Vagina Massage

The term Yon means Sacred Space or Temple. When related to Erotic massage, Yoni or Vagina Massage is all about respecting and cherish the natural sensations and stimulus of the vagina through a massage. Just like in Lingam (male penis massage), the main goal is to take the client through a journey and pleasure and sensations. Occasionally the client might reach the orgasm, however, the journey is the focus.

Tantric Massag

This type of massage is all about the experience and spiritual connection. The provider of the massage or masseuse focuses on the client experience and wellbeing. This is the type of massage that is given from the heart therefore the end result is not the orgasm but the pleasures journey and the connection of the souls.

Prostate Massage

The Prostate Massage is focused on the man’s prostate gland. According to Sociologists and experts, the prostate is the emotional, sexual and critical spot of man. When the prostate is properly stimulated it releases physical and psychological pressure.

Soapy Massage

Is a massage that happens within the shower. Normally the masseuse with the soap in the hands rubs the soap into the client’s body. Normally the soapy massage works as a preparation or initiation process for sex, loving session.

Happy Ending Massage

This type of massage main goal is male ejaculation. The masseur or the erotic massage professional stimulates the male penis for the agreed period of time until the client ejaculates. The Client can also stipulate how many times he may ejaculate.

Other types of Massages that we at recommend you to know. We would like to that everyone would acknowledge the differences between the type of massages available on our platform.



Professional Healing and correctional Massages.

  • Swedish massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Trigger point massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Sports massage
  • Hot stone massage
  •  Aromatherapy massage
  • Reflexology massage